Because every self-respecting slacker writer nerd has a blog, right? This is a great excuse to put off physics homework and an even better one to put off doing the dishes (again). Or a terrible excuse. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.

You can call me Jaynie, or spacefall. I don’t expect you’ll need to know my proper name, although if you really want to know, pay attention and I’m bound to let it slip sometime.  The blogname, Spacefall, comes from an episode of Blake’s 7, which if you aren’t hip enough to know these things is a British Sci-Fi of shockingly low budget and shockingly high quality writing.

I’m a student at UVic, studying (at the moment) Biology and Psychology. If I keep creating blogs instead of studying my sciences, I might just find I’m a psychology student only, or indeed, not a student at all. I’m also an atheist, a nerd, a sufferer of wanderlust, an addict to music, and a critic of pretty much everything except myself. I’m my own biggest fan, really.


I’m an atheist, and might talk about that from time to time. On the other hand, there are already a lot of fantastic, popular blogs on the subject, so I don’t intend to go on about it at any length. It’ll just be things that frustrate me or ideas I’ve had or casual, passing mentions.

I am also a giant nerd. That I seriously considered calling my blog Peace, Love and Time Travel should give that away. Doctor Who is my big nerd fandom at the moment and always, and I will probably go on about it at some length. I’m also into Blake’s 7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Life on Mars, and Lost. Sometimes I try to balance out hardcore nerdiness with Lost nerdiness, which is more socially acceptable, so if I’m ever going on about what a dissapointment Peri is and then suddenly leap to theories about where Claire went, that’s why.

Music is a big deal to me. I’m totally a snob about the music I enjoy, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. My tastes are pretty broad but tend to exclude country, hip hop, and current pop, except for cultural reasons. I adore Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Queen (the Holy Trinity of classic Rock). I dig lots of folk as well; Dylan, Baez, Collins, and of course Joni Mitchell. 40’s Big Band definitly gets a look in, and the standards of that era make me swoon. I’m currently trying to learn more about the Classical styles, but right now I love most classical in a general, uninformed sort of way. I’m partial to Baroque, I must admit; there’s something wonderfully decadant about it that just gets me every time.

I’m pretty well travelled for my age. I’ve been to Spain on a high school trip, and to Greece, Italy, Albania, England, Wales, and France with a friend of mine. Sadly I think future trips have to be put on the backburner for a little while at least, but I don’t think my desire to experience different countries will ever really fade.

I like to write fiction occasionally. That I will also post, if I think it’s good enough. Really I welcome constructive criticism, and accept that flames are a part of internet life, but secretly I would like it if you’d just stroke my ego a bit.


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